Sad Valentines Day Quotes

Sad Valentines Day Quotes For Broken Heart

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Sad Valentines Day Quotes For Broken Heart


It hurts to be reminded of
the valentines day we spent together.


My heart is broken and the only one who can fix it
Is the one who broke it.


It’s hard to spend valentine’s day,
Especially if it’s without you.


I don’t know how can someone
make you feel so loved one day,
Completely disappears
without a word the next day.


I miss old me…
because you loved him a lot.


You can’t fly with a broken wing;
You can’t love with broken heart.


No one know how much I cried today.


Don’t wish me Happy Valentines Day
If you don’t know how I feel inside.


It hurt when you have someone
in your heart & mind…
But can’t have them in your arms.


I wish I knew how to stop missing you,
My broken heart think
you are still my forever valentine.


I am not sad because I do dot have you,
I am sad because I don’t have love.


There is no meaning of valentines day without Him.


Valentine’s Day is killing me inside.


It hurts on valentine’s day,
The absence of someone who was once there.


Nobody notices how hard
I try to hold back my tear on valentines day.


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