Sad Mood Quotes

Sad Mood Quotes From Broken Heart

Here you will find collection of very sad mood quotes, Best sad mood sayings, Sad mood quotes from broken heart, Heartbreaking sad caption on sad mood.


Sad Mood Quotes From Broken Heart


I wanna dead for few minutes.


No one listened so i gave up,
I just sat there in silence.


Sometimes I just want to get for away from it all.


I want disappear until I feel okay again.


I need A break from everything & everyone.


Not happy Not sad
Maybe empty.


I just want to get away.


It’s really feels like hell.
I am not important for anyone.


I am half alive but I feel mostly dead.


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The worst kind of sad is
not being able to explain why.


I just wanna sleep forever.


I’m dying inside but you will never see.


I feel like I’m waiting for something
that isn’t going to happen.


I am sad but I smile.
That’s my mood.


I want to sleep until I feel better.


I need a break from my own thoughts
And own life.


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