Romantic New Year Quotes

Romantic New Year Quotes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Romantic New Year Quotes For Girlfriend Boyfriend


Just want to be by your side
to celebrate the New Year.


Each day,Each year I love you more.


Let the year be a great one by being beside me always.
Happy New Year!


I dream about being with you not for this year but forever.
Happy New Year Dear Love!


Every year being with you,
Makes my life seem like nothing can be better.


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Every year proved that, Some things are made for each other,
Just like you and me.
~ Lovejeet Singh


Spending every year in your love
give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.


I love you 365 days of the year.


I never planned on falling in love with you.
But now i want to falling in love with you every second,Every day, every year.


To be with you,That’s all I want every year.


Every year, I want you.I want us.I want it all..
With you.Only you.


All I want not for this year but for every year is you.
Next to me forever.


The love at this year should be
with us throughout the coming year.
~Lailah Gifty Akita


Let’s burst into the New Year together!
Jump with be we’ve done since I met you.


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I want to spend every year with you,
With lots of kisses and hugs.


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