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I Am Broken Quotes Sayings | I Am Broken Captions


No one sees how broken I really am.


Please don’t use me, I am broken.


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I’am not sad BUT I’am broken inside.


I’m more broken than you think.


I am not well, I am broken,
I want to cry, I want to die.


My mouth says, “I’m ok.”;
My fingers text, “I’m fine.”;
My heart says,”I’m broken.”


I am broken,
I am a fraud,
I am impossible to love.
~ Jennifer Niven


I am broken more than glue can fix.
I am broken that I can feel it.
I feel so empty
and I wish it wasn’t so anymore.


I Cried A Lot Because Of You.
I Laughed A Lot Because Of You.
I Believe In Love Because Of You.
And Now I’m Heartbroken
Because Of You.


One thing I can never forget.
I am broken because of you.


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