First Kiss Quotes

First Kiss Quotes | Best Quotes Sayings About First Kiss

Here you will find collection of best first kiss quotes, Latest quotes about first kiss experience, First kiss quotes for girlfriend boyfriend, First kiss feeling quotes.


First Kiss Quotes | Best Quotes Sayings About First Kiss


First kiss is impossible to forget.


True love’s first kiss happens when two hearts beat as one
and is the most magical sensation you’ll ever experience.


First kiss do it right and at just the right time.


A great first kiss is the type of moment
you could write a song about.


First Kiss is more than just a kiss.


The thought of our first kiss always makes me smile.


First kiss is world’s most beautiful feeling…!!


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You never forget your first kiss.
And that’s what makes it so hard.


I have decided that I will save my first kiss
for the person that I will someday marry.


The first kiss between two people
is something really good in life.


You were my first kiss and
I hope that you get to be my only one,
I want to be with you forever.


Best Quotes About First Kiss


Winning the first kiss from a new love
is always the best victory.


I still remember the feeling
I felt when we first kissed.


Our first kiss is something that I will never forget,
the warmth of your lips on mine, forever.


The first kiss is stolen by the man;
The last is begged by the woman.


To have a first kiss always take up the
time to make a fundamental decision.


Your first real kiss is the one
that you kiss with emotions,
when you are truly fully aware of it.


As soon as you have your first kiss,
your thirst for it would shoot up like
one would thirst after drinking a glass of salted water.


The first kiss is very special,
so, do not spoil it with a person you do not even know too well.


First Kiss:It’s sort of scary, sort of awkward,
and it will make your heart pound so fast
and loud you’ll just know the other person can hear it.


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