Chocolate Day Quotes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Romantic Chocolate Day Quotes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Chocolate Day Quotes For Girlfriend Boyfriend


My weakness was chocolate,
But now it’s you.
Happy Chocolate Day Sweetheart!


My best love was chocolate,
But then you came around.


Besides chocolate you’re my favorite.
Happy Chocolate Day My love !


You deserve special bar of chocolate
because you are my special love.


I love chocolate but not more than you.


You are my favorite flavour
beside chocolate.


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All I need is you and chocolate.


A Day without you is like a day
without chocolate.


Your heart is just like chocolate,
Harder in the beginning
but It melts sweeter with time!
Happy Chocolate Day!


You are like chocolate,
The longer you eat,
The sweeter it get.


Everyone’s favourite is chocolate – mine is you.


Your Love is sweeter than Chocolates.
Happy Chocolate Day!


Lovely chocolate and lovely you and
lovely are the things you do.
Happy Chocolate Day!!


It’s chocolate day.
And i am looking forward to get dipped
in your sweet and passionate love.


A chocolate becomes much more sweeter
When I share it with you.


Eat me like I am your last chocolate.


Your sweetness makes me happier like a chocolate.


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