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Bra Quotes By Girls and Women | Bra Sayings Caption


The right bra gives you great support
no matter what hook you wear it on.


Only bra gives you the desired shape
which is good.


Bra is more than just a garment.


No bra is best bra.


The right bra can change
your world in an instant.
~ Laurie Van Brunt


Bra is not about seducing men;
It’s about comfortable of womanhood.


Bra makes you feel good about yourself.
And makes you feel pretty.


Bra makes you feel more confident
in certain outfits.


The right bra makes you
look slimmer and beautiful.


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The best bra is one you never think about.


I am a bra burner from a way back!
~ Cyndi Lauper


Sexy bra makes you cool
and keeps you looking fashion.


Bra is the maximum expression
of a woman’s femininity.


Wear fabulous bra,
even if no one is going to see it.


Who needs a handbag?
I put my money in my bra.
~ Neneh Cherry


You can never underestimate the power of
a good push-up bra, my friend.
~ Kim Holden


Bra plays a big part in how you carry yourself
and being confident in front of other people.


Every day would be wonderful
if your bra comfortable.


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