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Top 21 Bikini Quotes | Bikini Sayings | Bikini Captions For Instagram


Life isn’t perfect but your bikini can be.


Live life in a bikini.


Life is better in a bikini.


Bikinis speak louder than words.


Life is too short to wear boring bikinis.


Fill your life with experiences bikinis.


Life is short. Buy the bikini.


Bikinis are like friends-you can’t just have one!


The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb.
~ Diana Vreeland


Bikini Quotes Captions


Clothes can hide you from yourself
but a bikini sure can’t.
~ Diane von Furstenberg


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You can’t buy happiness,
but you can buy a bikini
and that’s pretty close.


If it requires a bikini,
my answer is yes.


Bikinis will always be a girl’s best friend,
No matter what occasion she wears one.
They’re a sign that good times
and sunshine are well on their way.


The sexiest thing about a bikini is that
it leaves something to the imagination,
which is the best part.
~Anna Sui


Life isn’t perfect,
but your bikinis can be.


For me, fashion means to dare.
I don’t mind wearing a bikini.
I am okay with it.
~ Nargis Fakhri


A bikini can’t solve anything,
but it’s a good start.


I just got my first bikini. It’s a three-piece:
a top, a bottom, and a blindfold for you.
~ Wendy Liebman


There are a million fish in the sea,
but I’m a mermaid in a Bikini.


A girl in a bikini is like having a
loaded pistol on your coffee table,
There’s nothing wrong with them,
but it’s hard to stop thinking about it.
~ Garrison Keillor


The cut of the bikini is definitely important.
You want to wear one that compliments your body type.
~ Behati Prinsloo


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